Mrs. Greenbird – One Day In June

Singer Songwriter / Monday, June 18th, 2018

Pop driven Singer/Songwriter-Folk song. Female/male close harmony vocal arrangement. Acoustic guitar, organic pads (Lap Steel, Piano, Moog…). Melodic bass guitar and minimalstic, modern beat. Uplifting and dreamy lyrics. Mood of a long, warm summer day’s sunset. A song about the memory of the best day of your life you never wanted to end. Inspired by the swedish midsummer night celebration.

Mrs. Greenbird single ‘One Day In June’ shows a more upbeat turn than his past work and it’s incredibly exciting. We love the artists writing style no matter the genre and we can honestly say that very few artists have the talent to write and perform as well as Mrs. Greenbird does. It’s an energy that fills your soul with the same emotional energy the artist portrays within all of his music, and that’s pure magic.